transformer services

(TSI) provides a full range of services and support for electrical substation and wind generation power plants. With more than 55 years experience, we have the right staff and expertise to provide the best service, maintenance and repair of any equipment in the field of power transformers.

RESA Power Transformer Services is a warranty service provider for many of the original equipment manufacturers and will provide you with that same quality service and repair that the manufacturers receive as you should expect. Expert technicians will analyze your equipment, make recommendations, and perform the services that you need to assure the longevity of your electrical apparatus. Our commitment to detail and customer satisfaction will give you the peace of mind that your equipment is UP to the task. Whether it’s a simple pad mount leak repair, substation preventative maintenance, or a power transformer retrofit, you need to look no further than the experts at RESA Power Transformer Services to assure the reliability of your electrical assets.

Aging assets, rising energy demand and the critical need to avoid unplanned outages are challenging utilities and industrials around the world. While financial constraints are reducing maintenance budgets and investment, demand for increased return on investment is unchanged. Our service portfolio allows utilities and industrials to maximize the return on transformer assets by ensuring a high reliability, reducing life cycle costs and ensuring optimized performance, while lowering environmental impact.