Thermography Method Of Inspecting Electrical Equipment

The increase in temperature in an electrical circuit could be due to loose connections or a worn bearing in the case of mechanical equipment. By observing the heat patterns in operational system components, faults can be located and their seriousness evaluated.

Thermography test of electrical panel Thermography test of electrical panel

By thermo graphic testing you can protect your factory from imminent danger by detecting the overload of your control panel circuit breakers by avoiding accidents caused by short circuits.

A detailed thermo graphic inspection of all electrical engineering work performed throughout the project as part of our final quality check. More than 4 years of experience combined with modern technology and equipment allows us to predict potential problems and by preventing them in time we reduce the chance of downtime of your facility. 

This not only secures the highest possible performance but also serves as a guarantee of quality, which in some cases can reduce the cost of insurance for your equipment. Predictive maintenance fault finding includes infrared scanning of electrical systems. The advantage is that we can now predict an electrical problem before the component fails completely.