HT & LT Switchgear

HT panels are installed both outdoor and indoor as well, while mostly used in substations for controlling the electricity flow. LT Panels are used with low tension cables to obtain power from the generator or transformer and distribute electricity to various electrical devices and distribution boards.

Ht panels basically involve high voltage which comes from step up transformer for eg voltages ranging from 6.6,11kv , 33kv . Lt Panels involve voltage which comes from step down transformer around 415 v . And Panels just are voltage switching devices which serves as protection for distribution transformers.

The VCB, MOCB, LBS, SF6 circuit breaker and the switch boards are of optimized design for Bangladeshi supply condition and ambient. The breaker and switchboard is of compact design, sturdy construction and simple in operation with a proven motorized spring operated mechanism. This design ensures ease of operation, low cost maintenance and higher longevity. We are also using very high quality ring main unit (RMU) suitable for highly populated city like Dhaka for multiple feeders in incoming and out going.