Capital Power Engineering (BD) is one of the most trusted manufacturers and suppliers of power solutions products in Bangladesh and is successfully operating in industrial, commercial, residential sectors. Capital Power offers complete substations to customers and transformers are one of the key items on which the company is about to achieve a milestone in terms of quality. Capital Power Engineering (BD) has already earned the trust of customers for prompt service, efficiency, innovation and superior quality of their products. The factory has successfully entered the list of independent manufacturing units for manufacturing high-quality, custom solutions for power systems for large or small industrial units, commercial complexes and residential. We are certified by ISO.

Our Services


Residential Service

Here is a comprehensive list of domestic electrical services in your area, ranked by the people in your neighborhood. Our business has a great deal of experience in maintaining, upgrading, and changing diesel generators, transformers, and HT switch gear.

Commercial Service

We help with businesses to find answers to their energy concerns and are experts in commercial electrical systems and commercial energy management systems. Our area of expertise is in developing creative strategies to improve energy effectiveness and use cutting-edge technologies in our commercial electrical projects.

Industrial Service

We have vast experience in maintaining, upgrading and modifying diesel generators, transformers, HT switchgear, PFI panels in the industrial sector. We provide LPS and system earthling testing, cable insulation testing, LPS design and installation services, which play a role in factory safety audit visits.

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Md. Hasanuzzaman

Managing Director

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Mrs. Hafija Akter

General Manager

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Sree Subas Chandra


Phone: 01315002228

Our Blog


Transformer Oil Centrifuge

Transformers play an important role in the power industry. The transformer converts electricity to the proper level for safe use in cooperation with other components of the system. Transformers need to be maintained to ensure long life. Additionally, high-quality, clean oil is essential for transformers to provide efficient performance.



Thermography Method Of Inspecting Electrical Equipment

Thermography test of electrical panel Thermography test of electrical panel


By thermo graphic testing you can protect your factory from imminent danger by detecting the overload of your control panel circuit breakers by avoiding accidents caused by short circuits.

Understanding Insulation Resistance Testing

Insulation starts to age as soon as it’s made. As it ages, its insulating performance deteriorates. Any harsh installation environments, especially those with temperature extremes and/or chemical contamination, accelerate this process. This deterioration can result in dangerous conditions in power reliability and personnel safety.